Mt. San Jacinto College

SYSTEM: MyMSJC Account Management outage

At 3:01 AM on 3/20/2017, the server running MyMSJC Account Management experienced a network outage.  From this point until 7:51 AM, no authentication into Blackboard, EagleAdvisor, or Canvas would have been possible.

SYSTEM: Unplanned Internet Outage (RESOLVED)

Mt. San Jacinto College experienced an internet outage between 10:20am and 11:10 am on Tuesday, 3/14/2017, due to a loss of service from MSJC’s San Jacinto Campus internet service provider. MSJC’s Information Technology staff responded to the internet outage and were in contact with our Internet Service Provider. As of 11:10am, MSJC’s internet and web-based […]