Mt. San Jacinto College

High Wind Warning

April 30, 2014
From MSJC Information Technology:
Currently, the National Weather Service has announced a high wind advisory that is affecting Mt. San Jacinto College’s San Jacinto Campus. The high winds have already caused a number of small power outages on the San Jacinto Campus.
If you are seeing this message, most likely a wind related event has caused an outage to an online system’s availability and additional information will be provided shortly.
From MSJC Public Information:
Due to high winds, Mt. San Jacinto College is cancelling classes today, April 30, 2014 at the San Jacinto Campus only. The college is taking this step to ensure the safety of our students. Students who are driving home are urged to drive carefully and be aware of nearby road closures: South bound Sanderson at Gillman Springs Road; North and South bound San Jacinto Avenue between First St. and Ramona Expressway.
Students who do not have immediate transportation are urged to stay at the campus in-doors in the cafeteria or the library. Do not wait at the bus shelters.
We will keep you updated as more information on the high winds becomes available.

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