Mt. San Jacinto College

SYSTEM: RESOLVED – Unplanned Internet Connection Outage

May 24, 2012

Mt. San Jacinto College’s connection to the internet that our web, e-mail and Blackboard district services depend on experienced a loss of service today, May 24th, 2012 at 02:14 AM until 03:04 AM. Our internet service provider (ISP), CENIC, identified the issue to be with their main centeral connections. We’ll keep monitoring this issue and make notifications as more information is known.

CENIC Notification:

 “Subject: [CENIC #282824] CENIC Backbone OUTAGE Resolved

Summary of RESOLVED outage:

START: 02:14 PDT, Thu 5/24
END: 03:04 PDT, Thu 5/24
SCOPE: Service Impact to CalREN Backbone Network

Loss of connectivity to the CalREN DC Backbone
Loss of connectivity to the CalREN HPR Backbone
Loss of connectivity to the CalREN ISP Backbone

Service to the CalREN network has been fully restored. A vender fiber maintenance along with a backbone maintenance upgrade, had un-expectantly caused an impact to traffic forwarding and segmentation of the network. Further evaluation will be performed, but no more outages are expected at this time. … “

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